Friday, October 23, 2015

Canada is Over

Nice little country we used to have.

For right-thinking Canadians, election night was about as cheerful as the Red Wedding. Now, as we enter the reign of Justin, First of his Name, we must confront a painful reality: Canada is finished.

This is not merely a political truth. Culture trumps politics.

There is no question a hollow, misguided leader can cause tremendous damage, particularly in Canada where a prime minister with a majority has near-dictatorial power. What is much more important, however, is what it says about a people that they would elect such a leader in the first place.

In an election night musing, CBC’s Peter Mansbridge recalled prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau saying he is always underestimated.

People didn’t underestimate Justin, they overestimated Canadians – specifically, the capacity of the nation’s electorate to know a dimwit when they see one.

I have previously written that Justin is Canada’s Barack Obama. This is true not only inasmuch as both are embarrassing ciphers, but the election of each of these men heralds the end of once-great nations.

To understand this is to comprehend that America, too, is over.

Under Obama, America has taken on more debt than any entity in global history. Nearly 100 million Americans no longer work, and an increasing number of citizens see this as normal.

Internationally, Obama has abdicated the role of leader of the free world on behalf of future presidents.

Culturally, too, the nation is perpetually honked off, divided, and dumb as hell. Again, Obama cannot be blamed for all this, but he both reflects and exacerbates the condition.

Furthermore, electing such a person ratifies political correctness as national policy.

Some have said that racism in America was almost dead until Obama. This is one of those notions that could never find purchase in mainstream discussion. Racism as a concept, business model and organizing principle is alive and well, even as it has been crushed at the individual level.

Socialists love people in groups of a million or more so, while no decent person would behave as or associate with a “racist,” it is constantly claimed that “racism” is everywhere.

Neither you, gentle reader, nor anyone you socialize with would dream of overtly deriding or excluding someone because of their sex or skin colour.

And yet your school, places of employment and worship, your local media outlets and your government do just that as a matter of course.

Certainly, they do so in opposite terms from what we are conditioned to expect – that is, they reverse the targets of bigotry from those portrayed in movies, on TV and in the New York Times – but they are perfectly at ease limiting the number and influence of a particular race (if that race is white, or in the case of college admissions, Asian), and they are utterly unembarrassed to afford special privileges and less demanding standards to races they prefer.

Thus, since 2008, we have been bombarded by the nonsensical insistence that Obama became president despite his race when everyone, with the possible exception of Obama himself, knows he was elected because of it.

In Canada, it is more often gender than race that raises leftist hackles, and Prime Minister Justin promises to continue the Liberal Party policy of set-asides for women.

Taken to its logical conclusion, this would suggest Justin himself should have eschewed the leadership in favour of some distaff colleague, but this disregards a crucial caveat: If you are a wealthy, white, male scion of a political dynasty, and a leftist, you basically have to kill someone to be barred from national office.

This is but one, small instance whereby objective governance will be replaced by political correctness which, as many have observed, is merely totalitarianism masquerading as politeness.

Case in point, in his victory speech, Justin stressed the “positive” nature of his campaign and vision for Canada.

This might seem familiar to readers on the right. By now, you should be used to hearing that if you differ from the statist, politically correct silly-bears of a liberal you are “negative.”

Let’s take a couple issues at random and see how that translates.

On abortion, Justin refuses to say at what stage an unborn child merits some protection and deserves to be respected as a person. In this, he is again similar to Obama who, while an Illinois state senator, repeatedly fought to prevent infants born alive after botched abortions from receiving medical care.

This is “positive”?

Justin has gone so far as to ban anyone with misgivings about abortion at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason, from running as a Liberal Party candidate.

To be clear, for “positive” guys like Justin and Obama, a fully formed baby can be mutilated and killed in the womb, or left to die on a table because, y’know, women.

If this is how you think, you’re not only an idiot, you’re an evil idiot.

Speaking of evil, how about ISIS?

Asked to explain just when he might commit Canada’s military to a cause, if he cannot summon the will to fight these monsters who burn people alive in cages and rape and murder by the thousands, Justin has no answer.

This is because, confronted by true evil, the liberal mind will do almost anything to avoid calling it by its name.

They’ll bandy the word “evil” around, but will only apply it to domestic political opponents like Stephen Harper and George W. Bush, or to people who oppose bike lanes.

A man will convince himself of any number of things, rather than accept an uncomfortable truth. And Trudeau, leftist that he is, believes in nothing but “climate change,” a “woman’s right to choose,” and the indispensability of leave-in conditioner.

We know that in both Canada and the United States, there are many people who share the skewed priorities of Justin and Obama, but they have only recently achieved electoral consequence.

It was bad enough for Justin’s party to choose him as leader. But the Liberals, like the Democrats, have long been a Star Wars bar scene of freaks and nasties. When an entire nation makes the same mistake, however, it’s like volunteering to be Alderaan.

So, when millions of Canadian voices cry out in both official languages, only to be suddenly silenced, you’ll know the reason why.

In Trudeau, Obama will have competition for the title of most politically correct leader in world history. Consequently, freedom will suffer in Canada.

This is because leftist dogma, as embodied by Justin, tolerates no dissent. Moreover, it has an infuriating tendency to declare differing opinions to be illegitimate – even criminal.

It is a worldview in which wanting to keep your own money is “greed,” while confiscating other people’s is not; where Muslim terrorists are not a threat but “climate change” is; where babies’ lives can be snuffed out, subject to the almighty “rights” of “women” – unless those women have the misfortune to live in Syria, in which case they’re on their own.

As with anyone, Justin has mannerisms that are difficult to take, particularly for those of us who are naturally disenchanted by him. For instance, he intermittently hisses “my friends” throughout his speeches, and the sound of him saying “merci” is like someone chewing a banana next to your ear.

But beneath these superficialities lurks the menace of an untrammeled ruler who will grinningly cripple our economy, hasten our capitulation in the war on Islamic terror, and replace what was left of individual freedom and self-sufficiency with fashionable nonsense and government largesse.

And when this Maple Syrup Messiah and his kakistocracy begin to falter, do not expect them or their acolytes to accept responsibility. As Mark Steyn points out, a flailing Justin will blame his predecessor, the competent but monumentally unlikable Harper, as Obama blames Bush to this day.

But there is, for those who care to look, a sliver of hope. Our forefathers forged this nation out of ice and muck and beaver crap. Perhaps, when Justin is done wrecking everything, we can do so again. It will never be the same – a nation never comes all the way back from electing someone like Justin – but we may yet salvage a piece.

Here’s hoping it will be a country where we speak the truth, defend the defenceless, and stand for something once again.

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